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Benefits of Installing a Whole House Humidifier

Cold weather causes the air to become drier. Many people moisturize their skin and purchase small humidifiers to combat the dryness. The small humidifiers release humidity into the air from the water that is placed in their tanks. Unfortunately, the humidity does not get released when the machine turns off or the water runs out. There is a better alternative to these small humidifiers. Whole house humidifiers are installed as part of your HVAC system. They allow you to control the humidity level via the thermostat, allowing for an even moisture level all year. Some of the other advantages include:

Health Benefits

There are many viruses that thrive in dry environments. If your home is too dry, you can increase your chance of contracting colds, the flu, and other sicknesses. Keeping the humidity even with a humidifier can reduce your chance of getting these sicknesses, thus boosting your overall health.


Electronics, paint, wood floors, furniture, musical instruments, and more are susceptible to damage from air that is overly dry. A whole-house humidifier can help preserve these items by keeping the humidity constant.

Interior Comfort

If the air inside your home is too dry, your allergies can be exacerbated. This can lead to a variety of issues and can worsen asthma symptoms in people. If you want to have a whole-house humidifier installed, call B & K Services today.